Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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I get you now Mr. Libertarian; you are a practical (in practice an) atheist who is in love with, or almost worship an idol that you call freedom but could better be defined as radical autonomy.

The difference between freedom and radical autonomy are very important because freedom is the right to do your duty and enjoy the latitude to choose to do things that are morally neutral. That is different from radical autonomy which advances this idea of rugged individuals, but in reality makes every man an island

Marriage for instance to be properly enjoyed must be supported by social and legal pressure as well as morality goodness for goodness sake (or fear of Hell which doesn't cut it in the long run, but it keeps the knaves in line). Now if you think we can have a successful civilization without successful families you are in denial of all evidence ever observed.

Put aside the baby-boomers and how they were able to say "live and let live" and yet still able to follow the law and show up for work every morning. You forget that they were raised in two parent homes (2PH) and taught morals; well not all of them, but among those not raised in a 2PH were more likely to live in poverty, commit crimes and have children out of wedlock.

Now look at their children and tell me that parent involvement from both a mother and a father is not important.I assume you think it is a bad thing to have a class of young men who were never taught the manly arts and are either helpless, worthless or in other ways do not provide value to potential employers.I assume that you understand that a girl who is raised to think that saving herself for marriage is not important, that if you teach her that mindset then she is more likely to act upon your teaching and by the time she senses that she might have wanted to do something else she has two kids with three suspects.

Few things are harder on a family then two dads and a mom per kid. First of all the courts run your life (that is not freedom) Second it is rare that they all agree on rules for the kid. Third the couple is never free of the bio-dad and he is has to pay out until his kid is 18. When same sex couples point to studies that show their kids have similar stats to kids raised in 2PH they won't tell you that the studies used 2PH where the bio-dad was the mothers ex-husband and the man she was living with now was not... the child's bio-dad.

If you believe in evolution (I'm agnostic on it as I like to see science challenged by science) then you can see how important it is to the childrens development to be raised in the balance of their mother and father. They have better mental and physical heath and are more likely to successfully pass those traits on to their children because they are also less likely to be raised in poverty, to join gangs/ commit crimes, more likely to get more education/training, and move up in life.

So what we are talking about is what studies show are the ideal conditions for producing good citizens which comes down to strong traditional families (if you look at the percentages). Good citizens are not a negotiable item in a civilization, it is especially important in a democratic republic where there is more freedom to choose. Libertarians need to understand that if people don't control themselves, historically they have always ended up being controlled by the state.

People are not machines covered in flesh; they are more like flesh you can see which is sometimes ruled by a spirit you can perceive. Libertarian (and socialist) ideology sees only flesh to be trained through reward and punishment. Since they never address the spiritual component their policies never work, and so we don't need to keep trying them.

Here is another post--

"Libertarianism is based on atheism and "radical autonomy" which deny reality of where the man with his radical autonomy came from. A man was once a child, so the "consenting adult" was once a child, raised by a family and within a community to which he owes more than he can repay.

Another problem with the "consenting adult" problem is that the so-called adult doesn't always know what he is consenting to. An 18 yr old girl who stars in a porn movie doesn't always consider how she will feel 20 years later when her sons friends stumble onto that on the internet."

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