Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorable policies non-kosher lables

Probably the best way for us to enshrine favorable policies is to accept non-kosher labels. We need to accept the use of different terms to approach different people. Neither the Left-Locke nor the right Locke is familiar with subsidiarity. The Left will probably think it refers to big business and the Right will just think it is a new shade of lipstick for the old socialist pig.

In the old days when all media spoke with one voice those who identified with the left end of the scheme or the right end of the scheme all saw the same stories the same political ads and quickly fell into party lines. Now that there are media alternatives there is an opportunity take people from either party aside and talk to them about how their goals can be partially furthered and a more sensible system built.

For instance, "local and sustainable" is necessarily small and probably family owned. In order for a small business to survive under current conditions it needs "help" to the left this has always meant subsidies, but a more efficient way for the government to help very small businesses is to take away some of the government burdens imposed on business.Exemptions on red tape for businesses that employ only family and sell all their products locally could give many small local farmers and artisans the ability to compete with Assembly-line goods from mega-corps.

After all the "protections" that government inspecting and licensing arms provide are not as necessary if you know the guy who grew your food or made the product you are using. Nor is there any need to redistribute wealth away from small-time operations, many of which are run by semi-retired senior trying to make ends meet on social security. We could even all agree that there shouldn't be any income tax on goods that are sold and consumed by the end user within the state of their manufacture (or if manufactured in a border town within 100 miles, whichever is greater).

That would please those who are worried about fuel consumption and sustainability; it should also please those who are worried about the credit system shutting down. If more people can make something of worth, or have extended family that can, then it means that more people will have a meal ticket if the credit markets shut down.It also should please conservative federalists who don't feel the Federal government should be regulating commerce within states.

There are a thousand points upon which agreements could be reached that would further a culture of subsidiarity point by point. It can't be built overnight anyway, even if had to be, but the time could soon be approaching when it will be needed and the real question is will it be there? If more people can see the rightness of it as well as the benefits, nay even necessity of it then this could begin to take off.

They just need to see it from their point of view and for that we will need different strokes for different folks. Don't re-fight the old ideology wars, stay focused and this can happen fall off to the right or to the left and it will just be absorbed by one of the two parties and become part of the ideology of 50% of the country and bitterly opposed by the other half.