Monday, July 26, 2010

Rulling class V.S. Productive class

There is an important, nay I would say “watershed moment” article: • American Spectator: America's Ruling Class. And the Perils of Revolution - Angelo M. Codevilla .It lays out the case that a “ruling class” has emerged in America, but more than that it defines who they are, what they are and how they rule the “productive class” or the other side in this struggle.

In the article Codevilla calls the “productive class” the “country class”, but I feel “productive” is both more accurate and less confusing than “country class”. After all, we don’t want people thinking you have to live in the country or listen to the music coming out of Nashville (which is at a low point just now with the loss of Johnny Cash.)

This article is important because in the past members of the productive class first thought that all of the nonsense currently going on was just the problem of liberals, then democrats in general, and then democrats and liberal republicans. While in terms of elected officials it is a problem of liberal democrats and republicans, the bail-outs revealed a whole infrastructure of unelected members of this group.

The 2008 bail-out revealed that instead of representatives, we have a cabal in power that is using power to grant mutual back-scratching privileges to each other payable by the general public. While everyone has railed against the bail-out and the crony capitalists who privatize profits and socialize losses there lacked a focus, or group to appose.

Besides the obvious politicians and czars it also consists of folks who profit from the expansion of government through grants, subsidies, or in the case of big business, contracts, bail-outs, special laws and rulings that favor their company at the expense of the competition. This can even be restrictions and red-tape that cost the favored company more money, but in the end are profitable because it forces their competition out of the business. The mainstream media or big media is owned by parent companies that are “big businesses”. Also don’t forget the “frivolous lawsuit rich” nor those who occupy profitable positions in “non-profits” nor heads of national professional groups.

This "Ruling class" term is a great catch-all for all the folks who are loosely affiliated or in ca-hoots; it also explains why the expulsion of God from the public square is necessary for their power. This term defines a group that until now had escaped definition; but now that they, their tactics, and motives have been identified and reduced to a single named group, they can be stopped. By explaining how they maintain their power, Codevilla has given us the key to destroy their power.
They maintain their power by perpetuating the myth that they are superior and that we are inferior; that the little retrogrades need them to step in and stop the ignorant from hurting themselves and others. That they have “evolved” beyond the commoners and we are lucky they are so benevolent as to use their powers for good; good being defined as making society and people evolve or “progress”

Anyway read the article and the next time you are talking to an “NRA democrat” who votes union-democrat or the like, instead of having the old discussion about whether it was the “D”’s or the “R’’’s who lost our manufacturing base, got us into wars only to lose them, has us wrapped in red tape, created an unsustainable debt, destroyed our educational system or any of the other failures the ruling class is responsible for you can point him to this new concept that Democrat and Republican are different only in matters of degree; the real distinction is between the “ruling class” and the “productive class”.

If a guy can’t understand that concept it is probably because he is either a member of the ruling class, one of its’ aspirants, or one of their useful idiots. There are also those who are still POW’s of the Sexual Revolution, are part of the “Endless War” (especially in the Mid-East) lobby, or in some way benefit more than lose from big government. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince them, prayer is their only Hope.