Friday, March 20, 2009

transendent objection to morals

A few months ago I got hung up on reading a comment thread from a letter my cousin had written to the editor of his local rag. The letter was his justification for showing graphic pictures of aborted babies. There were three guys that posed as pro-lifers who were "just outraged at the pictures."

As I read it for a few hours it became obvious that the three main posters had homosexuality of an active kind. All of the posters who were against the graphic pictures at one time or another as much as admitted they had all either had abortions, supported abortion, and that some of them worked for planned parenthood.

I noticed their objection to morals stems from the fact that they feel their positions transcend morality and is just right because they feel it, so it is so and they don't have to explain it... a very convenient position for those who can't explain themselves.

It is and argument from culture, the majority thinks x so x is right, or snob appeal, the elite, or scientists thinks x so
x is right. This has been shortened to "science tells us" which is better on several levels, because it ignores dissenting scientists and elevates science to a god- replacement.

It is a bit ironic that when you boil it all down they are saying that their feelings transcend morality because in reality it is morality that transcends their feelings because morality comes from Transcendent Revelation.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dissenting doctors must be defrocked

Americans have a tradition of having the freedom to do what is right. This is what authentic freedom consists of. Some element of “the freedom to do what is right” is always under attack by Advocates for what is wrong, who want to force or coerce people to fall in line with their agenda. We should not be shocked when they lie, because what they are advocating is a lie and so they are “liars from the beginning.”

Freedom has always been a powerful word to Americans and it is even more powerful as we have become a nation that is enslaved in every area of its life. People are slaves to their distorted appetites for cheap sexual thrills, fake fat foods, and cheap junk from China. Not surprisingly, we are a nation that is indebted and works either for Big Brother or “The Man”. So when one wants to attack freedom one must pose as protecting or extending freedom rather than limiting it.

One of the latest rights under assault is the right of medical professionals not to be forced to violate their consciences. This sacrosanct right of medical professionals allows them to refuse to participate in such things as abortions, suicides, unnatural forms of birth control, or artificial inseminations to name a few. Basically it would protect them from having to violate the Hippocratic Oath (if we still had the Hippocratic Oath)

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology has recently taken unprecedented action to threaten pro-life OB-GYNs with decertification;in response Bush, in his last days as president, acted to reaffirm age-old conscience clause protections. Now Obama has asked for public comments as a prelude to rescinding these rights. Should regulatory bodies be able to force professionals to violate their consciences? I would hope that nobody would think so, but that would be hoping against "hope".

Having the license to do what is wrong under the color of civil law never fully satisfies the licentious; they will always demand everyone else’s approval (and possibly participation). They use the slogan “Live and let live”, but they never plan to “let” anyone be. They claim they are championing freedom because persons wanting to act on their new civil license need doctors to co-operate in their crimes. What they really are demanding is that an authority figure approve of and participate in their action.

Doctors and lawyers are the ultimate secular priestly authorities because both of these professions devolved from the Levites. Lawyers have seized for themselves the power to tell society what is right and wrong, but like our currency their standing has slipped a bit. This is why the vestiges of conscience need to be soothed to sleep by an authority or priest-type that still has some credibility. And for the same reason that heretical priests must be excommunicated and defrocked, for the religious left dissenting doctors must be decertified.