Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The only argument FOR Gay Marriage is religious

Gay Marriage proponents like to claim that the only argument against gay marriage is religious; in fact the only argument For it is basically a religious one.

To explain we must first consider normal marriage; I call it normal because persons attracted to the same sex make up less than 5% of the population, perhaps as little as 1.5%.

If you prefer you can call it traditional marriage, but that would be like saying that night is the traditional time for sleeping. No people in any place nor at any time had homosexual legal unions of marriages up until now.

But as I was saying let us consider normal marriage and its' benefits to society. Perhaps we should add that we are speaking of one man/one woman "till death do they part" as anything else doesn't really benefit society.

The man and wife who are bound by vows are the best unit possible for producing and rearing children, and if you are familiar with our current economic situation where we have all the baby-boomers retiring at once without an ordered replacement then you know that children must be produced.

Of course children are really only an economic boon to society if they are law-abiding, well adjusted, and willing and able to pull their own weight. Otherwise they are just as big a drain or worse than the old boomers whose jobs they are supposed to be filling as the boomers retire.

This means that broken homes and other situations where the situation is less than the children being raised in a balanced manner by their real mother and father, well these situations are not as good (statistically speaking) for raising a kid who will benefit society.

The studies that show this doesn't matter are book-cooked by liberals with an agenda. They use divorced and re-married mothers to get worse stats for children raised in strait marriage families. The information is so tweaked that it is worse than worthless.

So basically same-sex unions don't benefit society, and in fact the benefits that they say the have a right to cost taxpayers. This means that not only is there no reason to grant them this special right it actually costs us money and we get nothing in return for it.

So the only reason they have left is that it is the right and just thing to do in their opinion. We should be nice to them and extend the benefits of marriage to them. If you say we should do it because it is "the right thing to do" or that we should do it to be nice, or just then you are basically trying to make a religious or moral argument for why you should get something from us.

As for your right to get married you have the same right to get married as a straight person does; you can also get married to a person of the opposite sex. As to your argument that old people can't produce kids, but can still get married, why don't you try to get the law changed? Go ahead and make your case, just try not to be so preachy, people don't want to hear that sort of thing.