Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sen. Bob Casey; all pro-life talk, all culture of death action.

Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania may be talking big now about being against the contraception mandate in Obamacare, but this outcome was well known when he voted for Obamacare so this is just another part of his obvious and well known policy of pretending to be a pro-life and moderate democrat to the PA voters,

But in fact as we know from Bart Stupack, a democrat is a democrat first and then a candidate second. Pro-life is something they mouth in the election in order to get re-elected at which point they go back to advancing the goals of team democrat.

If you care about religious freedom or freedom of conscience then you can't vote for anyone on that team, even for dog-catcher, because even a dogcatcher position is a position and every position provides a "man at arms" in the feudal system that is our modern politics.

In our feudal system it goes something like this POTUS = King, Govs= dukes, congressmen/senators= court followers, local legislators=barons, and everyone lower than that are knights and their followers are "men at arms". Pages are still pages. Battles happen in campaigns and the wins and losses are determined by polls and at the ballot box.

This also applies to the GOP in the primary; an establishment guy as dog-catcher is just one more "man at arms for them" for their great feudal army. So in the primary we must vote for the man, but in the general we have to vote against the army that is violating our religious liberties.

In other words in the general it doesn't matter who the man says he is; we know who he really is by what team he is on. Beyond that there are certain advantages that the majority in congress have in terms of being able to pick who is speaker and set the agenda as well as who is placed on important posts up to and including in the case of the senate who votes on the supreme court candidates proposed by the president.

So no serious Christian can in good conscience vote for any democrat, even for dog catcher until as a party they recant totally and make amends.

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